Campfire Bold Smoked Sea Salt

Bring the flavors of campfire cooking indoors with this all-natural, hearty, smoky artisanal salt. This unique mix of seven different fruitwoods and hardwoods along with Pacific flake sea salt makes our Campfire Bold Smoked Sea Salt an incredibly savory, full-bodied smoked salt that creates layers of flavor in a range of dishes. The delicate flakes melt evenly in soups or sauces, but will also add a light, crunchy texture when finishing off a dish right at the table. The exclusive cold-smoking technique imbues a bounty of smoky flavor that can play a starring role in crockpot pulled pork, act as a clever bacon substitute in vegan dishes, or add an intense campfire essence to s’mores-inspired desserts. From the simplicity of chips and freezer meals to gourmet spice blends and BBQ rubs, Campfire Bold Smoked Sea Salt is a fun and flexible way to dial up the smolder in your recipe.

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