SPECIAL 2020 LIMITED EDITION Boxed Gift Duo - Italian Herb 12-Year White Balsamic & Porcini Extra Virgin Olive Oil WITH GIFT BOX

This special gift duo includes two full size 375mL bottles - one each of our Italian Herb 12 Yr. Aged White Balsamic & our Porcini Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Receive both at a discounted price with a free gift box imprinted with an olive logo that fits both bottles, AND a printed recipe suggestion card for your duo!!

Italian Herb 12 yr. aged white balsamic is a delicious savory white balsamic flavored with the most popular Italian herbs... garlic, basil, rosemary and oregano. Use this one as a glaze for oven roasted portobello mushrooms or as a dressing for a juicy tomato and cucumber salad. Try it over grilled halibut with some lemon slices. Or toss into sautéed spinach. 

You may recognize the Porcini mushroom as the Bolete here in Colorado. This earthy flavorful olive oil will bring a fabulous flavor to your salads and on your steak!  Wonderful for dipping bread, or cooking eggs, good in any tomato dish.  Spread on your pizza before adding your other ingredients or drizzle over a completed pizza.  Use to roast or saute' fresh vegetables or any meat for a rich, mushroom flavor!

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