Olivella Face & Body Liquid Soap Apricot

Olivella Face and Body Liquid Soap with Apricot scent gently and effectively removes dirt, excess oil and other impurities from your skin as it conditions and hydrates to fight the visible signs fo aging. The extracts of 100% Virgin Olive Oil improve the skin's tone and promote elasticity while defending against free radicals. Your skin is left looking youthful and feeling refreshed without drying or irritation.
Olivella Apricot, Face and Body Liquid Soap is from 100% virgin olive oil, with the sweet scent of apricots. Our all natural soap hydrates the skin as it cleanses. Great for all skin types. From your first application, you will notice your skin feels softer and your pores super clean. Our patent formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin conditions and therefore all ages from kids to grandparents can enjoy its benefits of concentrated nutrients. Can be placed at the sink for easy access in the kitchen as a gentle hand soap that is Sulfate free. 

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