Morenci AZ Antique Turquoise Bracelet and Necklace Set

Vintage 1930's Morenci AZ turquoise sterling silver necklace with large center stone and intricate detailing.  With heavy chain.  

Matching 5-stone sterling silver bracelet.

Morenci is highly prized for its beautiful blue colors, which vary from light to a very dark blue. It is also known and become popular for its iron pyrite or ‘fool’s gold’ matrix. It was a by-product of the Morenci copper mine in Arizona. The fact that Morenci turquoise is no longer being mined along with its beautiful blue color makes it very valuable in today’s turquoise market.

Each piece for sale separately for $1,100 each, or $2,100 for the set

Available in-store or call for possible shipping options.



Type: Jewelry