Kitchen Boa: I'd Love a Refill

Those that spend a lot of time hosting or in the kitchen will surely crack a smile every time they wear the I'd Love a Refill Boa, which functions both as a cheeky kitchen accessory and as an indispensable kitchen towelette. One side features gray stripes on a white background, while the other features the sentiment "Why yes, I'd love a refill" on a red background. But this useful towel isn't just all looks and laughs: If you're baking and an oven mitt isn't nearby, you need to clean up a spill or wipe your hands to answer an incoming phone call, having this boa around your neck will prove to be a handy thing, indeed. Kitchen essentials always make great gifts for friends and family that will use them often and be reminded of you every time they do. Gift this useful kitchen towelette for wedding gifts, birthdays, the holidays, housewarming gifts or as a special surprise when they're not expecting it.

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